A key skill for a Co-Active Coach is knowing when to help our clients forward their actions – we help enable them to pull themselves out of their quagmire, their stuckness and take the course of action they feel is best for them. They’ve explored the possible pathways, chosen one and we then commit and hold them accountable to it.

Last month at the London Coaching Group (LCG), this was very much the theme for the evening – how do we forward the action of the group in the next three years maintaining its professional status while supporting its members to stay conversant with current thinking and research. We believe like with all great professional bodies, we are only as good as our willingness and openness to learn.

My co-chairs and I are committed to continue the 15 year legacy of the LCG while bringing a newness to its growth and purpose. We intend to be innovative, experiential and collaborative and to this aim, we requested input from the group to help us redefine our core purpose. We asked questions like, How can we make a positive impact on the coaching profession, What is our priority for own professional development need and, an open go-to favourite coaching question, What Next?

The feedback we received from this evening was just the start of the process. Our next action is to gather more feedback, reflect on it and find common themes, all of which will help us define and share our vision and guiding principles. If you have anything you would like to contribute to these questions, please do….Help me to keep forwarding the action of an institution I feel proud to co-lead.