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….naturally bright, energetic, busy and bubbly people. People who thrive in work but struggle to find balance between this and life. Those who need to be more forgiving as they feel life has become too much about work. Those who are up for a challenge!

I want you to have felt challenged and taken out of your comfort zone.

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Over the last 20+ years, I've worked in the social justice field focusing on women's rights. I've always been very clear about why I do the work I do, but having survived an organisational change process at an organisation I had worked at for 16 years, I wanted to press pause. Part of that was to allow myself to think through what was important to me, what motivated me, and explore and shape my next steps. My journey with Trish has been transformational - she got me, and gently cajoled and guided me to better get me. From being overwhelmed with possibilities, fears, and struggling to make sense of them all, Trish with insight, empathy and a box full of creative tools, has supported me through a process of reflection, understanding, and humour. I'm still on a journey but I now have clarity, confidence and direction. A friend highly recommended Trish to me, and I too recommend her highly.
Pontso Mafethe
Freelance consultant in women's rights and philanthropy. BBC100 Women 2013-2014
Trish is a fantastic coach! She brings great humour and warmth to our sessions which makes me feel safe to step out of my comfort zone and take risks. Through her powerful questioning she enables me to look at issues from different perspective and helps me find solutions, which I own. She has great energy and is passionate about empowering women, particularly women in leadership. Her ability to listen deeply and call me out on the stories I hide behind, are amazing and much needed in order for me to reach my dreams and goals. I highly recommend this powerhouse coach for anyone in need of a shift and transformation in their life.
Sharon Ilstrup
Managing Director, The Attic Learning Community, Seattle
Working with Trish is a joy. Her big heart shines brightly. This enabled me to open up and trust in the space of exploration we created together. Although gentle, Trish is also firm. She obtained my commitment to the actions needed for my progress. I felt deeply heard and held making this whole process feel nurturing, like a warm embrace.
Craig Howe
Emerging leaders success coach
Trish's coaching was an invaluable opportunity to step outside of the day to day and reflect. Following the sessions I felt refreshed and reinvigorated to continue to improve my schools. Excellent professional dialogue with no drawbacks. I would recommend it for all Senior Leaders.
Chris Wright
Executive Principal
Trish was a tremendous coach. I found the Executive Leadership course I was doing uninspiring at the beginning and through coaching, Trish helped me to find my motivation for participating in and successfully completing the course. Each session enabled me to reflect on my leadership and how I move into executive leadership with confidence. I recommend her to you.
Brendan Wall
Executive Principal
Trish is a great listener who is able to take a mass of information and by careful, considered questioning arrive at the heart of the issue. Helping you to find not only potential answers, but to learn a lot about yourself and your ambitions along the way.
Mike Davies
Director of Global Communications, PwC
I highly recommend Trish as a Coach. She has keen instincts and intuition that allow her to read between the lines and ask powerful, insightful and difference-making questions that open doors for new possibilities and new perspectives. She is also a compassionate person/Coach and that makes for a strong champion to have on your side when trying to break out of your comfort zone. Working with Trish has been an incredibly positive and rewarding experience.
Pam Gibson
Corporate Vice President, Human Resources, The Bradford Group
‘I had no hesitation in recommending Trish’s work to our Head teachers at the Trust when we talked to them about being able to access a coach to support their work. Trish has gone on to become an invaluable asset to the organisation through her high quality work with our leaders. I am always impressed by the feedback I receive about her professionalism and careful questioning to help each individual to reflect on their approach to work. I thoroughly recommend her to any organisation who values its staff and wants to help them grow in their lives.’
Mark Vickers
CEO, Olive Academies
Trish's skill in asking direct but non-judgemental and non-threatening questions helped me to find the confidence to respond decisively and successfully to some difficult professional and personal challenges as a leader.
Rosemary Leeke
Former Headteacher, Regent High School
Being coached by Trish was a pleasure, and really valuable both in terms of short term 'settling in' goals as I started a new role, and longer term thinking. She helped me work through my aspirations and identify and overcome some of my fears ! I feel much better able to deal with the day to day and take forward the long term as a result.
Jude Luckett
Development Director at Spice Innovations Ltd
Coaching with Trish helped to shift me from surviving to enjoying my new role as a senior leader! Her unwavering confidence in others, encouragement and sensitive listening skills grow self-belief and a ‘can-do’ attitude in those she coaches. She challenges with incisive questions, honest reflections and helpful feedback. Across the academy, leaders who are coached by Trish are developing their understanding of their own values, growing in confidence to act on them and are becoming more effective in achieving their goals. They are also propelled into action and make more of an impact in their roles as a result.
Emily Boxer
Vice Principal, Oasis Academy Silvertown
The coaching programme I received from Trish was superb. She led me through personal introspection and reflection and helped me to identify the foundations of my leadership style and the personal values linked to them. Her manner and knowledge as a coach was supportive yet challenging and I left each session with an equal balance of questions and answers that have driven improvement in my personal practice and that of my team. I cannot recommend her strongly enough
Tom Hutchinson
Principal, St Edward's Church of England Academy Trust. NPQEL Participant
Trish has helped me secure my first senior leadership role through her coaching. She is the ultimate professional who makes you feel instantly at ease with her coaching style. I always end our coaching calls feeling energised, refreshed and ready to take on any challenge. I cannot recommend her enough.
Liz Nuttall
Assistant Principal, Harris Academy
Working with Trish has helped me to understand and overcome some long-term blockages that have been holding me back and stopping me reaching my potential. I’ve greatly valued her kindness, compassion and wisdom.
Vicky Ensor
Senior Policy Advisor, MIND
As a result of working together with Trish, I have become more confident, better at delegating to and empowering my team members. She has an innate sense of curiosity which combined with keen and focussed listening skills, enables me to be reflective on my choices, then making the right one.
Chandu Hirani
Assistant Headteacher, Regent High School
Trish possesses a natural ability to sense when an issue is causing internal conflict whether it be personal or professional. Through careful questioning, she provokes me to reflect upon the issue to identify root causes and find potential solutions.
Emma McCrea
Senior Lecturer, Brighton University

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