How do I show my commitment to EDI as a Leader?

You’ve connected to why equality, diversity and inclusion matters to you personally and what diversity can bring to your team and culture but so what? How do you now transform the vision, the purpose, into reality. How do you become the inclusive leader…

Firstly, you openly talk about it. You explain to others your reasons why it’s important to you and to the organisation. You discuss it in every appropriate context. You notice and celebrate where diversity is good. You are clear where it needs to be better. You use your power as a leader and be proactive.

You support and champion people who are different to you. You educate yourself about people whose experiences are different to yours and notice how others are affected in different situations. You also amplify the voices of those not being heard.

You create a business rationale for Diversity and Inclusion. You hold yourself and others accountable to this and to positive behaviours including using the right language and communication around inclusion. If you don’t know, just ask. Refer to people as what they are rather than what they are not.

You set criteria for equality benchmarks and have a clear plan for progress – what are you actually trying to achieve? How will you know you’ve got there? What are the advantages/gains you will notice? 

You are able to acknowledge when you get it wrong and accepting your vulnerability as a strength you wish to role model. You are open to challenge and getting it right.

In short, lead by example, be open to change, show commitment and act!

“Inclusive leadership is not a destination. It’s a journey that requires humility, curiosity and courage.” Thais Compoint