I am a professional and personal coach, a mentor and leadership consultant working with schools, businesses and charities. As your coach:

I will be your champion.
I am on your side and will listen without judgement. When you are expressing self-doubt, I will know that you are capable of more than you think. “I know you can make it!”

I will help you develop into the person you want to be. Through our holistic coaching relationship, you will transform into the greatest version of yourself.

You will be empowered by your transformation. You will understand why your values are so important to you, learn about your inner leader and clarify your life purpose.

Could you benefit from coaching?

I work in four key ways to help people reach their full potential

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Through coaching with me, you will:

  • learn strategies to deal with life beyond our working relationship
  • develop a commitment to your values and a knowledge of how/who to draw upon in times of challenge and uncertainty, and
  • you will be enabled to use the tools you’ve learned to find your own solutions in complex and challenging times

Here I will be working with your teams to help you develop a coaching culture across your organisation.

We will work on leadership, emotional and social competencies. These sessions will equip leaders with coaching skills, enable them to practise these and commit them to cascading these skills throughout the organisation. 

Through your leadership growth you will determine where you are on the following scale and plan to move into the Unconscious Competence in all you do.

From unconscious incompetence to unconscious competence

Sometimes we just need someone to give us advice, to help us to have a difficult conversation, respond to a critical situation, make that change no matter how scary it feels.

There are times within working relationships where mentoring in that moment can be just as profound as the long-term impact of coaching.

Supporting senior leaders to rise to the challenge of constant change.

Helping you to plan your route through uncertainty, determining who is best placed to creatively respond to external forces and how to break down the barriers to behaviour change.

I also aim to help leaders identify their own leadership style and how these complement the style of their co-leaders.

As a result of working with me:

  • You may find it easier to be rather than just do.

  • You will see yourself as co-dependent rather than dependent.

  • You may find the rhythm easier to get right – not too fast or too slow.

  • You may find it easier to prioritise.

  • You may feel you have regained the fun, humour and joy in life.

  • You will be up for the challenge and taking responsibility for your progress.

  • You may find it easier to engage with yourself, to engage more fully with others.

I’d like to listen to you. To champion, develop and empower you. 

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