It’s great to hear how so many organisations desire to put Equality, Diversity and Inclusion at the core of what they do and how they want to show up in the world. Some even aiming for Diversity Accreditation schemes, using this to ensure their vision for EDI is supported by action plans and is an umbrella for all they do.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with the leadership teams of organisations over the last six months who are trying to achieve this. They look inwards at themselves to really reflect on whether they are an inclusive company. I’m always curious to know their answers to the following: 

Why would any organisation want to be inclusive?

What will it look like for your organisation to be inclusive?

How will you know you’re getting there and then, achieved it? 

But my actual starting point is the title question:

Why does EDI matter to you personally? 

“When we are advantaged, it is difficult to spot. When we are disadvantaged, we spot it instantly”.

The responses to this often get to the heart why individual team members FEEL the importance of being inclusive and diverse. Everyone has a story where they have witnessed or been victim of some form of bias or prejudice. Giving space for individuals to share these stories and to describe their emotions at the time or now, brings those feelings to the surface. My purpose for doing this is to truly understand whether the organisation wants to simply respond to the law or to adapt its’ culture from a place of integrity. Then the work begins…

The next part…..where to go from here…..