I am a professional and personal coach, a mentor and leadership consultant. I am here to help you:

  • Thrive and flourish in your life and work
  • Be the best leader you can be
  • Rise to overcome and enjoy all the challenges life and work bring to you.

I work from a place of warmth and humour and will champion, develop and empower you to live by your values, face your fears and courageously go for your dreams.

Using the power of co-active coaching and a distinctive voice, I enable people and teams, particularly in the education sector, to bring out their best, supporting them to flourish in both life and work. 

My training, philosophy and background

I am a qualified Co-Active Coach trained by the Coaches Training Institute (CTI), whose fundamental philosophy and beliefs are underpinned by the coaching relationship between the coach and the client. This is an equal relationship where transformational change in the client is the responsibility of both and while as the coach I employ my skills and strategies using the principles of coaching, I absolutely believe the client holds the answers.

Coaching enables us to reflect on difficult situations and address them from different perspectives. It gives us courage to live by our values, face our fears and go for our dreams.

Through my training and through my own coaching relationship with an accredited CPCC coach, I am able to employ strategies to be more engaged in the moment and to address my balance between the ‘doing’ and the ‘being’. Consequently, I champion a healthy work-life balance, a more mindful approach to how we live, and an inquisitive, growth mindset in all we do.

Trish is a fantastic coach! She brings great humour and warmth to our sessions which makes me feel safe to step out of my comfort zone and take risks... I highly recommend this powerhouse coach for anyone in need of a shift and transformation in their life.

Sharon Ilstrup
Managing Director, The Attic Learning Community, Seattle

Having been a senior leader in schools for many years, I am firmly committed to the power of coaching to bring out the best in our teams and ourselves and in helping us grow and flourish in both life and work.

I currently coach leaders in schools, charities, the health service and businesses. I coach individual leaders at all levels, particularly CEOs, executive headteachers and senior leaders. I also train and coach leadership teams in working as a more effective collective, leading transitional change and leading effective teams.

Being coached has:

  • Made me stop. And think deeply

  • Helped me be more reflective

  • Made me excited about learning

  • Made me excited about discovering me

  • Helped me be more mindful across all aspects of my life

  • Helped me to develop more authentic relationships

  • Has intellectually stimulated me

  • Given me the courage to do what feels right

  • Inspired me to grow personally

  • Altered how I interact with people

  • Helped to address the balance between being and doing

  • Championed the small steps towards bigger goals

  • Helped me to acknowledge the ‘light bulb’ moments

  • Made me curious about myself

  • Made me curious about others

  • Helped me be more intuitive

  • Given me strategies to address problems

  • Helped me clarify what’s important

  • Enabled me to question myself, and others more powerfully

  • Feel grateful for the opportunity of being coached

  • Exorcised any cynicism about coaching

  • Enabled me to communicate better

  • Made me focus on my values and what’s really important in my life

  • Helped me acknowledge and challenge my saboteurs

  • Helped me find strength and resilience from within

  • Instilled in me a passion for coaching

  • And…. made me want to be a coach!

Who are you?

Before your coaching, perhaps like me, you would like to understand your personality type? Try this www.howtofascinate.com. I did and I am described as a maestro! And:

  • Ambitious

  • Focussed

  • Confident

  • Uncompromising

  • Formidable

Trish Dooley MA CPCC ACC

Trish Dooley MA, CPCC, PCC

I’d like to listen to you. To champion, develop and empower you.